BO3 Beta Thoughts

Around this time of year my CoD gaming usually takes a big dive. And it’s true that I haven’t been playing much Advanced Warfare lately. I have played a lot of the BO3 beta, however, and boy do I miss it. I played both the PS4 and the X1 betas, though because of my schedule, I got to play a lot more of the PS4 version.

The Good

I had a lot of fun with this game. I liked the weapons. I am an AR / LMG kinda guy, with occasional forays into SMG land. So I liked the ARK-7, the Man-O-War, and the M8A7. I didn’t try the Man-O-War at first, I guess I didn’t think it would be that good, but when I tried it later I discovered what a great gun it is. I tried the Sheiva, and it was cool, but I’m not accurate enough to use it effectively. The HVK-30 wasn’t among my favourites either, and I didn’t try the XR-2. I wasn’t a fan of the BRM LMG but I put a lot of time into the Dingo, maxing out its level. It’s a great gun.

The maps were very nice. I don’t like the drab maps, and I’m glad that the BO3 maps were so very interesting and colourful. The three lanes are back, which is great. I wasn’t getting shot from behind nearly as often as in Advanced Warfare, though it still happened a lot more than I expected.

The gameplay felt good. It wasn’t as crazy as Advanced Warfare with the boost jumping all over the place. I still got shot by bunny hoppers, which was still annoying, but at least it wasn’t as bad as in Advanced Warfare. Hm, it’s sad that this is going in the “The Good” category instead of “The Bad”, if you know what I mean.

The wall running is cool, and doesn’t give an advantage to a player in a gun fight. Actually it’s a disadvantage in a gun fight, which is a good thing. However, there are ways to wall run around the outside of the map, giving the enemy a chance to flank you without your knowledge. Just check out Drift0r’s videos for proof. I’m not a big fan of this.

I’m so totally glad that they got rid of Supply Drops. I like the idea of Supply Drops in theory, but in practice I think they ruined Advanced Warfare.

Just in general, this is a fun CoD. It’s just much more enjoyable to play than Advanced Warfare was, and I can see myself putting a lot of time into this game. There are rumoured to be sixteen maps in the final release of the game, which is awesome. I like map variety.

The Bad

LMG’s need more ammo. The magazine sizes for the LMG’s were just not big enough.

Extended Mag didn’t extend the mag enough. Usually, Extended Mag would give 50% more bullets in a mag. In the BO3 beta it was 40%.

The silencer on the Dingo didn’t work well at all. I tried it on the ARK-7, and it was okay there, but putting it on Dingo made it a hit marker machine.

Supposedly the Rejack specialist ability was never meant to keep your score or killstreaks, and that these abilities were bugs in the game. That’s why they were removed in a nerf. Well that’s too bad, because the Rejack nerf makes Rejack worthless to me. I agree it shouldn’t maintain your killstreak, but if it doesn’t maintain your scorestreak, then it basically just becomes a poor man’s tactical insertion and is worthless IMHO.

Some scorestreaks need buffing. When the enemy team got dogs or a swarm in BOII it was a big deal. Getting the R.A.P.S. or the Mothership in BO3 were more whatever moments than anything, as they were not that lethal and easily shot down, respectively. The R.A.P.S. balls need to be more aggressive, and the Mothership needs to be vastly improved. The Wraith is a good scorestreak, but is constantly being shot down, which isn’t fun. The second rocket launcher you can get has four rockets. That should be reduced to three.

There were lots of glitches and bugs and problems with the beta. It is a beta, however, so I can let those slide. I just hope that they’re all ironed out for the final release. I do wish to note that the beta ran a lot better on the PS4 than on the X1. Hopefully that’ll be fixed too.

The Ugly

The Black Hat just simply has to go or be totally nerfed down to nothingness. It was a total game breaker and has to be fixed. I even made a comic strip about it. You can’t see it yet because it’s in the buffer I’m working on, but you’ll see it soon.