Enjoying BO3

BO3 has been out for a week and I’ve been playing it as much as I can. Life keeps getting in the way! I think I’m level 36 or so now. I’ve been playing on the Xbox One on my private account, but I hope to be play soon on the PS4.

I like it! I’m having a lot of fun with the game.

The Specialists aren’t too bad, but I still find the one with the pistol annoying. I miss Rejack. I use H.I.V.E. a lot, and it’s great fun. Seeing that HIVE Kill pop up on the screen and hearing the sound of killer bees munching an opponent apart is awesome.

The scorestreaks are okay, but I haven’t been able to get the more powerful ones. Scoresteaks is what gets me to the high scores, and I’ve had a few games where I did well. Like 34 and 6 or something. I don’t think I’ve gotten a 40 kill game yet. That’s my target now. I’m not the best of players, so getting 40 kills would be awesome.

The graphics are great. The sound is great. The maps are fine, but none of them really stand out. I like Redwood and Fringe, I think.

All in all, very happy with the game. Hope to do a lot more gaming this weekend!