SPOILERS: The Flash S02E01

SPOILERS! Don’t read this unless you want to!

I recently watched the first episode of season two of The Flash. The one where Barry Allen finally frees his father – Henry Allen – from prison.┬áThe very thing that Barry has so long worked for has finally happened. So what happens? Henry gives some lame excuse about holding Barry back, and leaves. WHAT THE SCHNITZEL !?! They want to be together for so long, and the writers of this show have him leave?

This is one of the stupidest moments in my TV watching history. (Well, in shows that I like. There’s a ton of stupid stuff out there, but I don’t watch it.) The excuse that Henry uses is the LAMEST I’ve ever heard. Somehow Henry will hold him back, but the others won’t? How is that even possible? It just doesn’t make sense!

I get it. The producers don’t want another regular on the show. They need to get rid of him somehow. But they have to be able to think of something better than this! COME ON, PEOPLE!