Finally Going LIVE This Week!

I’ve been working on this comic strip since about May, and it’s great to be able to finally reveal Max and Maury to the world. I really wanted to create a big buffer (maybe around 15-20 strips) before I hit publish, but my strips are just getting too out of date. They’re pretty time-sensitive, so I decided to put them out now. (I only have a buffer of 13 at the moment.)

When I first started, I was quite the procrastinator, and it took me a while to create the first strips. Now, however, I’m getting one done per week, which is exactly where I want to be.

So this week I’m revealing the first three strips, and after this week I’ll be putting them out every Wednesday.

Got My Templates!

I got the three templates I ordered from Timely, and I have to say they are nice! I’ve attached a photo. The shipping was only three dollars. Beat that eBay guy who wanted $35 for shipping! I’m using the oval template today for the first time in strip 012. 


Nothing to Watch…

I’m going through movie withdrawal right now. I’m a big movie fan, and I love to sit down for a good one. My favourite act is always Act 1. That’s where everything is new and fresh and you get to meet all the players.

But recently, I haven’t been watching many Act 1’s. There just aren’t any good movies to watch. I check Netflix and iTunes all the time for movies and there’s hardly anything. I’ve put a bunch of movies in my lists of movies to watch, but when the time comes, it’s like “meh, it doesn’t look THAT good”.

Anyone else have this problem?