Changing my YouTube Thumbnails

If you scroll down you’ll notice that I’ve changed the thumbnails for my YouTube videos.

Probably the first thing you’ll notice is that I’ve gone with orange as a much bigger part of my design. Why orange? Well, my online handle is PumpkinJunk, ripped right from comic strip number four. And pumpkins are orange. So why not? I need something that’s not too common on YouTube, but that also looks good.

I’ve also played with the design a little. Sometimes I include Max or Maury. Sometimes I have a border. Somthumbnail 7etimes I have a slash with orange on one side and game screen on the other. But my favourite is the large orange text in the middle with the smaller white text above and below. It doesn’t leave much room for Max or Maury if there is a lot of text, but I think it looks really sharp.

I am researching how to do YouTube well, and thumbnails are always mentioned. Gotta have those good thumbnails that look nice and back up the title and description. So that’s what I’m trying to do. Hopefully it’s successful.